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I’m speaking at Devoxx UK 2013!

I’m speaking at Devoxx UK about polyglot programming, the fine art of using multiple languages in the same runtime.

I’ve been running a ployglot app in production for about three years, written in a combination of Ruby, Java and server-side JavaScript, all running in the same JVM.

First thing on the second day of Devoxx, I’ll be explaining why this is a good idea, and share the highs and lows of writing a complex app in several different languages.

Using some carefully crafted flattery, the organisers of Devoxx have persuaded me to tell you all that you can register here, and using the code SPUK13, get 10% off the very reasonable price of £350 for two days of entertainment on March 26 and 27th.

And what excellent flattery it was too!

From: Devoxx UK

Subject: Do Your Followers Know The News?

That’s right in just over 2 weeks the very first Devoxx UK will kick off and we hope you are as excited as we are. As a key figure in the industry you undoubtedly have a blog with many readers, some of whom would most certainly like to come and see you speak at the event. That’s why we’ve come up with a scheme that lets you stylishly promote your talk AND gives your loyal followers the reward of an exclusive 10% discount off the ticket price.

I’m still awaiting my key figure in the industry certificate, but in the meantime, I hope both of my readers come along to the conference and hear me talk.



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