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MailChimp sponsors BenConf!

We already know who would be silly enough to start a conference for technical people called Ben. We’re also compiling a list of those silly enough to attend this conference. But who would be silly enough to sponsor BenConf?

Ben Chestnut, co-founder and CEO of MailChimp, that’s who.

So, let’s look at his record:

  • Started a company which involves sending email, thereby attracting all the spammers on the internet.
  • Let his love of monkeys get in the way of giving his hi-tech company a Serious Sounding Name.
  • And now: Sponsors a conference in the UK for technical people called Ben, even though he’s in the US and doesn’t have a passport.

What does this tell you about him? That he’s a jolly fine fellow, with a slightly silly sense of humour.

So I am pleased to announce that the Official BenConf Benefactor is Mr Ben Chestnut and the lovely lovely people at MailChimp.

BenConf is now The Better BenConf

I’m not really sure that Ben knows how to do sponsorship properly. MailChimp is just handing over a big pile of cash, and the only thing they want in return is for me to, and I quote, “make it special for my fellow Bens”.

Challenge Accepted.

So, here’s the start of my revised plan:

  • Drop the ticket price to a tenner. (and issue refunds for existing ticket holders, see below)
  • Add a special “Pudding Powered By MailChimp” feature to the meal.
  • Put a big wodge behind the bar, so no one needs pay for a beer all night.
  • Sort out some swag. You wanted a BenConf T-shirt, you got it.

I might think of something else. But if I do, I’m not going to tell you until the night.

Existing ticket holders

Everyone who holds an existing ticket will get a refund for the tenner within a week or so. Let me know if it doesn’t appear within a fortnight.



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