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The First Annual UK Technical Conference For People Called Ben*

Fed up of technical conferences based around a specific technology, language or industry?

If your name is Ben* then this is the conference for you!

18:00, Tuesday 20 November 2012

The Castle Pub, next to Farringdon Station

Tickets £10 in advance (includes meal + drinks)

SOLD OUT! Click the ‘JOIN WAIT LIST’ button below and enter your details, and depending on how many more people want to come, something may happen.

See the BenConf web site for full details and speaker list.

* Any name which can be abbreviated to Ben, whether male or female, is welcome, along with anyone who is happy to be called Ben for the evening. This simplifies production of the name badges.


18:00 – Arrive

18:30 – Lightning talks (all talks will start with the phrase “Hello, my name is Ben, and this is what I’m currently working on.”)

   See the BenConf web site for speaker list.

19:30 – Dinner (tasty pub food)

20:30 – Conversation (until we get kicked out)

Anything and everything technical will be covered, subject to someone called Ben being interested in the topic.

Sponsored By MailChimp

Ben Chestnut, co-founder and CEO of MailChimp, is the
Official BenConf Benefactor!

Ben and the lovely lovely people at MailChimp are handing over a big pile of cash, and the only thing they want in return is for me to, and I quote, “make it special for my fellow Bens”.

So, thanks to his appreciation of fine Ben-related jokes, there will be extra food, drinks and swag at BenConf.

Thanks Ben!

Full details

Official web site:

Date: Tuesday 20 November 2012

Location: The Castle, 34-35 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DB
(Apple Maps users: It’s just next to the station. You can’t miss it.)

Nearest tube/overground: Farringdon

Price: £10 for dinner and drinks, must be booked in advance.

Hashtag: #BenConf

Lanyrd: Please add yourself to the list of attendees after booking

Notes for speakers

It’d be great to get as many people as possible talking about anything related to the internet, software development, hardware or just making cool things. Remember it’s going to be a diverse audience — the perfect talk would be a quick run through of what you’re working on which brings out one or two key points.

As we have limited time, make sure it’s no more than 5 minutes, with 1 minute for a question while the next speaker gets ready. We’re going to be really strict about timings to make sure we get through everything, so you will be cut off if you go over.

I’m going to put the speakers names and talk titles on this page, so if you have a link, let me know the URL along with the title when you book.

There is a projector, but as this is a pub, you shouldn’t rely on it working although I am pretty confident we’ll be OK. If you’d like slides, you’ll need to get them to me in advance so I can put them all on a single laptop. Please send me a URL of a zip file containing PNG files by 14 November at the latest. (If you use Keynote, here’s how to make them.)

Is this a joke?

While this may seem like a joke that started as a list of UK technical people on twitter called Ben, and ended up getting out of hand, enough people were interested in the idea for to it happen.

I’m pretty sure that an evening talking about random technical things will be interesting, and what better way of choosing the topics than gathering together lots of people called Ben?

Thank you!

Thanks to:

  • Ben Chestnut for the sponsorship.
  • Ben Marsh for designing the BenConf logo.
  • All the other Bens who have played along with the joke and are actually going to turn up to something so silly.



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