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Themes from the 2nd London Linked Data Meetup

Yesterday I joined about 200 other developers, librarians, information architects, journalists and project managers at the 2nd London Linked Data Meetup.

Although there were as many perspectives on this new field as there were attendees, there were some strong common themes running throughout all the talks, workshops and conversations.


Building applications with Linked Data is a departure from the established traditions. Instead of focusing on documents and transactions, the linked data approach is to start with the things which matter to the users, and design the application around those. These things provide the basic interaction model and URI structure of the application, and everything else adds more data to describe them.

The data consumer chooses, not the publisher

Echoing Tim Berners-Lee’s demand for raw data now, there was a lot of talk about publishing the raw data and letting the consumers of that data decide what to do with it.

Publishing data has usually involved wrapping it up in a particular view, reflecting the publisher’s priorities. But presenting the raw data



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